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"Saving For Retirement In The 21st Century - The Changing Picture Of Retirement"
Laird H. Shuart, MS, MSFS, CPC, QPA, FLMI, CLU, ChFC, CEBS


As we move into the 21st century , a new picture of retirement is emerging.  Will the traditional sources of retirement income, such as company pensions and social security, be as important as in the past?  Will retirement mean quitting work altogether, or simply changing from one job to another?  How will the ever-changing tax laws affect your personal retirement plan?

People are living longer and the population as a whole is growing older.  This rapid growth of the elderly population will have an impact on basically all social and economic issues as many "baby boomers" overlap their parents as retirees.  To what extent the nation will be able to accommodate this group is of great consequence.  Health care costs, especially nursing home costs and medical insurance premiums have skyrocketed, with no end in sight.  Today's  workers are likely to incur expenses for a longer period of time after retiring, and therefore creating a life income plan that addresses longevity issues, developing an investment plan, understanding taxes, and keeping an eye on inflation become important factors as you are planning and saving for retirement.

What all of this means, is that more precise and realistic planning is necessary in order to address what for most people  becomes the biggest and most important financial challenge they will ever face - saving for retirement! This site is specifically designed to help you in your planning and saving for retirement.  You can use the information you find through this site to create your own personal retirement plan and picture of retirement.  You can find instructions and many helpful hints for putting together and fine-tuning your plan, and you can find answers to many of your retirement planning questions, such as:  How much money will I need to retire comfortably?  Where will this money come from?"  How do I make my retirement nest egg last as long as possible? Because the internet travels with you through the mobile devices you carry, you can continue your planning while you are on the move through and Eventually you will be able to order live and on-demand specific content tutorials, delivered by streaming video in the privacy of your own home via big screen television through, the Saving For Retirement Television channel online, that will allow you to learn more about a broad range of specific financial topics at your convenience, and that can provide a joint learning experience for all those interested at one time. And the experience could also provide an interactive social TV experience as well, through, so other family members can be part of the conversation about planning and saving for retirement, no matter where they are located. The future possibilities are exciting!

As you can see from the web page tabs at the top of each page, this website offers a broad range of retirement related topics in a very organized fashion. You can read the Seminar, and you will then know why it is necessary to plan for retirement, and the components necessary to create your own personal written retirement plan based on your goals and objectives. You can then start building your plan having some basic knowledge about each necessary component, and should feel comfortable that you are researching the right topics, and addressing the questions and issues that are important. Topics include: how to start exploring the internet for retirement related topics and how to search for pertinent retirement websites where you can find the important information you need to build your plan (Retirement Explorer and Retirement Websites), learning the implications of delaying retirement (Delay Retirement), learning what life income planning is and why is it necessary to establish a life income plan (Life Income, Life Income Planning, Life Income Illustration), where to find relevant retirement savings advice and life income advice (Retirement Savings Advice), why you need to consider longevity in your planning (Living Too Long, Contingent Annuity, Lifetime Annuity), special concerns for the baby boom generation (Boomer Minds), why future retirees will find it necessary to save in order to be able to retire, special information for Spanish speaking visitors (Jubilacion) and UK visitors (UK Sites), and even find a clever way to remain mentally alert why you are trying to deal with the tedious process of retirement planning, especially when there are so many other things you would rather be doing (Mentally Alert).

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